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European Project & Construction Management


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We Are Passionate Architects, Engineers & Economists.

passionate |ˈpaSHənit|: showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief

Real Estate Development


Real Estate Developments

Finished homes

years of experience

Construction Management

consultants from 1995



On-site Division

Construction · Valuation · Laser Scanner


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Project & Construction Management


Site monitoring, and technical supervision.


  • Feasibility Studies for Real Estate Dev.
  • Technical assistance to Directorate.
  • Risks analysis.
  • Engineering Coordination of project.
  • Supervision and management of construction.
  • Budget and contracting monitoring.

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Mortgage Lending Valuation · IVSC ·


Reliable International Standard Valuation.


  • Independent Company. (Global Valuators)
  • International valuation standard methodology.
  • Professional valuers. (Architects + Economists)
  • Quality and Quick workflow.
  • Double checked Reports. (under IVSC)
  • Due Diligence for financial institutions.

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High Definition Surveying · AEC ·


Quick, safety and certainty Surveying.


  • As-Build record for Architects and Engineers.
  • Accurate and complete information for BIM.
  • Clearances, and deformation analysis.
  • Remote measurement. (Clients & Contractors)
  • Clash detection & pre-construction. (Oil & Gas)
  • Facility Management and Heritage buildings.

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 Consultancy Division

BIM  ·  IT Procedures QA-QC  ·  Facility Management



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Building information models allow to take design decisions before to built, to be more efficient, cost-effective. You will be able to manage and  maintain buildings better than ever.

For Construction BIM recuse waste and increase productivity for contractors and subcontractors. Plan better, produce results faster, and finish projects on budget.

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IT Dev


We build tailor-made  apps, to manage and record processes, for monitoring and certification records.

We are proud to be part of the “Tech Hub community”, one of the most important high-tech networks in Europe, with of ces in Spain, UK, Poland, Letonia, Rumania, and India.

Our work is focused on  nding new technological solutions for Engineering and Architectural  elds, by merging 3D models and reality into project design and project monitoring.

Facility Management


From BIM, thought IT development, we help to manage and maintenance buildings and facilities.

Efficient processes. We accurately record the inventory data that are needed by facility managers for structural situation in a production plant, or the building equipment in Universities, Airports or Office Complex.

We help the client to manage efficiently his assets.


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Legal & Administration

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